Where to Go on Dates if the Weather is Sweltering

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The summer is actually a good time to get your date game going. Sure, you can stay home with your partner, watch some movies or Netflix, but you’ll miss the fun everybody else is having outside. So go out there and bask in the sun. There’s actually a lot more things you can do during summer than in winter. Here are some date ideas you and your girlfriend or boyfriend can do.

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1. Buy a cold treat in the park

Most people underestimate the park and the activities you can do there. Buy an ice cream or popsicle and spend your time in the park. You can ride the swings or play in the children’s playground (if you can get away with it), or just sit back and relax. There are a lot of trees in the park that will provide cool air and shade so you won’t feel too hot.

2. Roam some places with high AC

Go to places that are using their air conditioning units on a regular basis in low temperatures. Places like malls, museums, theaters, etc. Have their ACs on pretty much all the time and are cooler compared to other places. You and your partner can spend your day there. Not only will you feel cooler, but you’ll learn a thing or two as well. Or maybe buy something.

3. Go for a new water activity

If you live close to any body of water like a lake, river, or beach, try out a new sport. You can go paddle boarding, go for a kayak, or get surfing lessons. Again, you will have fun and you’ll learn something. You may even want to do it again next time. If you’re not into those, you can also go fishing or just take a quick dip.

4. Go to the beach

Not a fan of sports on the water? Just go swimming or sunbathing. And the beach can be the perfect place for it. You can have a picnic there or maybe go to a resort. They have a lot of amenities like drinks, foods, spa, and more that you can enjoy.

5. Get your backyard a pool

The museums, lake, or beach are far? No worries. Make use of your backyard. Get a pool or slip and slide that would fit in the backyard. You’ll have just as much fun as you would in other places.

6. Enjoy cold drinks and food outside

Go for a stroll together outside. Ice cream stalls and drinks will pop out everywhere as well as other delicious desserts. Food shops, bars, restaurants, etc. have drinks and food or sometimes both.

These are only some of the things you can do when the weather is hot. There are a whole lot other things you can enjoy outside. But if you choose to stay home, make sure your AC is working or you’ll get cooked inside. If it is not, have it checked by AC repair Spring Hill and professionals immediately and before the summer season starts.

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