Efficient House Cleaning Tips and Tricks

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Even if you ask professional home cleaners, they’ll say that cleaning the house quickly and efficiently is such a tedious job. After all, nobody ever has the energy or time to wipe off all their kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures every day.

Home Cleaning

However, there’s always a solution to everything. The professionals also say that it helps to have a plan and move quickly. Also, try not to go back to the room that has been previously cleaned so you won’t waste your time redoing everything.

Housecleaning Hacks You Should Know

When you clean your home, always begin by attending to the bedrooms. Then clean the bathroom next, then the kitchen, and lastly, the living room. If you do your cleaning chores in that order, your home is going to be spotless in less than an hour. Of course, you should include dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, and scrubbing in your to-do list. Below are more specific tips in cleaning your home.

1. Sweep all rooms clean.

Never forget to remove your dry linens. Check your drawers and closets and make sure that you’re not stashing garbage inside. If you see any trash, throw them away. Make sure to empty your wastebasket after doing all these. You want to ensure that all surfaces are spotless so that your rooms look clean and tidy.

2. Make your bed.

Don’t just jump out of the bed and forget about it. When making your bed, you must do it as the hotel maids do. Raise the corner of the mattress on one side and tuck the other to the bottom of the mattress. With practice, you’ll do it a lot quicker.

3. Remove all dust.

When removing dust, start wiping all pieces of furnishings using a microfiber cloth. Start from one corner, working your way in all corners in a clockwise direction. Make sure that you dust all surfaces, lifting everything else that’s sitting on the surface.

4. Wipe surfaces properly.

When wiping away dust, don’t always follow the back and forth motion. Clean lamps and other items from top to bottom before dusting the tabletop. If you have artworks and mirrors on the wall, use a duster with a long handle to reach them.

5. Vacuum the rooms.

When vacuuming rooms, begin from the back corner and then make your way to the other side of the door. Be sure that you are using long and firm strokes when vacuuming. If you are vacuuming regularly, you can get away by running over the carpet just once and not twice. You also shouldn’t be too concerned over missing a couple of inches on the areas with the least traffic.

These home cleaning tips would allow you to make your home look spic and span faster than you can imagine. But if you still need to do things faster, there are always professional home cleaners than can help you with all these tasks. Find the one that serves your area and hires the one that offers quality services at the most reasonable rates.

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